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Habitat/smartcity/Batiment intelligent

GREENERWAVE has patented a unique technology to, simply, recycle electromagnetic waves and improving internet connection on any device, through a simple Bluetooth connection and an App. Thanks to this high class, and passive, technology, Greenerwave is integrated into building or train ceilings, of part of your laptop, or simply on your wall behind your favorite picture! GREENERWAVE multiplies by 4, or even 16 in lab conditions, internet speed ! To serve better their 1 Billion users, mobile phone, as well as building or transportation, companies are working together to cooperate with alternative companies & technologies, such as Greenerwave, in order to be ready before the 5G revolution!

Informations générales

  • Siège social 61 av Simone Veil
    6200 NICE
  • SIRET 81490200000000
  • Année de création 2015
  • Effectif 1 à 5


  • Eric Labarre CEO
  • Cyril Bertdchy General manager


  • Anciens diplômés HEC
  • Incubation/Pépinière CNRS
  • Brevets Non
  • Récompenses Non
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