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HNL, Heart Never Lies, is an emotional technology Company with a patented algorithm allowing Networks, Platforms, Content Owners, Brands and Manufacturers the ability to capture an individual’s emotional response to set tasks or cross-platform media experiences. We are a globally patented technology, with roots coming from the medical industry, which is today used in Hospitals all over the world, allowing anaesthetists to gauge, monitor and mange patient pain levels whilst unconscious and in surgery. Taking that solution, we then worked with scientists, performing human tests over an 18-month period, to deliver a tool to measure happiness, or one’s emotional levels, whilst being conscious.

Informations générales

  • Siège social 70 rue du docteur Yersin
    59120 LOOS LES LILLE
  • SIRET 81179700000000
  • Année de création 2015
  • Effectif 5 à 20


  • Antoine Deswarte CEO
  • Julien Mignonac CCO
  • Stéphane Rigaut CFO


  • Anciens diplômés HEC
  • Brevets Non
  • Récompenses Non
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