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ElyssaMed® is a spin-off of Gustave Roussy Institute and this company is developing the first active immunotherapy use comprising several antigenic peptides (epitopes) derived from PPCT, combined with an already marketed vaccine adjuvant for clinical use in non-small-cell lung cancer. This product once administered to lung cancer patients, will amplify their specific immune responses against tumor cells expressing the PPCT antigen and lead to their destruction.

Informations générales

  • Siège social 38 rue de Bassano
    75008 PARIS
  • SIRET 81740200000000
  • Année de création 2015
  • Effectif 1 à 5


  • Fathia Mami Chouaib Founder
  • Cedric Poignon CEO
  • Aurélie Durgeau


  • Anciens diplômés HEC
    Univ Evry Val d'Essonne
  • Brevets Non
  • Récompenses Non
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