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EATOPS is focused on delivering control rooms equipped with 3D process and control software. Our solution is a process & control console. It presents the alarms to the offshore oil & gas operator. The particularities of this product is to include an additional monitor to the traditional cockpit display. This extra point of view, the RIVOPS screen, gives the operator a better overview on the installation leading to safer operations. The core of our technology is a smart combination of software & hardware components designed to reduce the amount of alarms pushed inside the control room. RIVOPS consoles significantly enhances the awareness of the operator using a set of intelligent displays.

Informations générales

  • Siège social Grande voie des vignes
  • SIRET 49287400000000
  • Année de création 2006
  • Effectif 1 à 5


  • Alexandre Van Damme


  • Anciens diplômés Centrale/Supélec
  • Incubation/Pépinière Centrale/Supélec
  • Brevets Non
  • Récompenses Non
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