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AdSTEM is a biotherapeutic development company with a comprehensive product structure. AdSTEM’s patented technology is based on the discovery of a universal adult stem cell biomarker, which addresses the major challenges of the stem cell market by providing: A small animal model that literally ‘lights up’ the rare stem cells in any tissue examined so that cell location and number can be rapidly followed in response to drugs undergoing pre- clinical testing. A single-step method to purify stem cells from any adult tissue. Stem cells carry a patented biomarker that allows for their simple purification, and also tracks their stem cell competence over time. In parallel, we are developing a biotherapeutic agent that targets and activates adult stem cells without affecting non-stem cell populations. Presently, we are pursuing the development of this biotherapeutic with a specific focus on biodelivery for effective targeting to specific tissues including muscle, skin, brain and heart.

Informations générales

  • Siège social 5 B rue des Haudriettes
    75003 PARIS
  • SIRET 53928800000000
  • Année de création 2012
  • Effectif 1 à 5


  • Revital Rattenbach


  • Anciens diplômés HEC
  • Brevets Non
  • Récompenses Non
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